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When To Recommend Vinyl Or Leather Repair

Making Repair Decisions

Hiring a professional leather or vinyl repair technician is highly recommendable for some things, but may be inappropriate for others. Since there is a cost involved, consider carefully whether the price is worth the item in question. Larger and pricier items such as couches, vehicles or built-in booths at a restaurant will cost significantly more to replace than to repair. Whereas a bar stool or ottoman might be more cost-effective to buy new. Consider that as a Leather Medic® technician you will also need to travel to the business or residence, adding to your cost. Ultimately it is up to the client whether hiring a repair service is worth the item in question. However, a comprehensive quote will help them make that decision and never feel like they overspent after the job is done. Having damaged or worn leather and vinyl repaired is good value on many items.


Repair Expensive Items

A torn leather seat in a fairly new vehicle is not attractive, and the rip is likely to get worse with time, leading to a loss of underlying upholstery. This is an appropriate repair for a professional technician because the value of the vehicle is high along with making it look good for many more years. Alternatively, an older vehicle that is used to carry children to school or family pets to veterinarian appointments may not need a seam repaired due to the high cost and the likelihood that more rips will occur. For this vehicle, buying cheap slipcovers or simply ignoring the damage is a better financial choice.

Reselling after Repairs

A vintage or antique vehicle has a much higher financial value than an old automobile used for everyday errands. When a seat or dashboard in an antique or vintage automobile has damage, the owner may opt for the expense of leather or vinyl repair because they take the vehicle to car shows or are advertising it for sale. No matter whether it is a recreational vehicle or boat, an owner must consider how much money they want to spend on a nonessential repair designed to make something more aesthetically pleasing.

Fix Sentimental Possessions

The same decision concerning affordability applies to furniture with vinyl or leather upholstery. If one chair of a large dining room set has damage, then paying for a repair is often a good idea because it is less expensive than replacing all the chairs. There are occasionally other things to consider when deciding on a leather or vinyl repair such as whether the damaged item has sentimental value or is custom-built.

Is it Custom-Made?

Specialized repair of leather clothing or footwear is seldom worth the cost unless it is an expensive designer item or is custom-made. An individual who wears an unusual shoe or clothing size might choose to pay for repair of a custom designed garment or pair of shoes. Similarly, many business and high-end homes have custom built-in leather wall features or seating. Such features are obvious candidates for repair, since replacement would mean a custom service job anyway. As a professional artisan at Leather Medic, you will be provided with training to accurately determine the cost of materials, labor and making service calls. That way you’ll always be able to give clients the right estimate and help them determine whether to hire you or not.

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