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Spring Fresh Leather and Vinyl

The spring is an excellent time to refresh the look of leather and vinyl surfaces in the home or business. Winter weather takes a toll on leather and high-grade vinyl. The low humidity of cold and frigid air has a natural tendency to dry these surfaces and create conditions that lead to splits and cracks. Spring is an excellent time to condition and clean leather and vinyl surfaces. Cleaning removes dust and dirt before it can get ground into the surfaces. Cleaning and conditioning help keep leather and vinyl surfaces supple and flexible. Spring cleaning and conditioning improves the color and appearances of these surfaces and prepares them for the warmer weather and higher humidity of the spring and summer seasons.

Leather Restoration

High-quality leather wears and ages with a distinctive look and feel. It is one of the reasons that so many property owners and homeowners invest in leather furnishings and accessories. To enhance the natural aging process, fine leather needs cleaning and conditioning. This routine maintenance will preserve the great looking surfaces and the depth of color. The periodic inspection yields areas for needed repairs. Leather Medic provides expert repairs for furnishings and leather covered accessories and fixtures. Repairs are an economical alternative to replacement of furnished items; repairs help preserve old and antique items.

Skilled Artisans

Leather restoration and cleaning is an art; skilled technicians resemble artisans of an earlier time whose unique skills set them apart as experts in their fields. Over time, their skills grew from the application of new knowledge. Leather Medic support provides continuity of the art of the past with the latest advances in conditioning and preservation and renewal.Through rigorous standards and training, Leather Medic technicians maintain the level of quality that defines the expert level of services associated with the franchise brand. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Growing a Business

Owning a Leather Medic Franchise is an excellent prospect for those who wish to control their future economic growth. Success requires investing the time and resources needed to build a solid business; Leather Medic provides state of the art technical assistance and marketing assistance. The Leather Medic business model includes a significant amount of goodwill and brand recognition. Resembling a skilled craft of long ago, today’s Leather Medic franchise uses a niche position to provide cleaning, restoration, and maintenance services. The Leather Medic franchise technology includes the powerful advantage of work at the client’s site, home, or commercial location. Leather Medic franchisees can offer services for fixtures, and other immovable furnishings and accessories. Offering a distinctive advantage for theaters, hotels, boats, planes, and other locations best served by onsite work, Leather Medic franchisees can build a strong business base.

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Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

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