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Why Leather Medic?

Leather Medic is a unique franchise opportunity. Many other opportunities have a much higher Franchise fee due to the cost of sales teams, marketing teams and high overheads  because of a  large corporate structure. We do things a little different. We keep our cost down by having you deal directly with the Founder.

The services we provide come from a craft that can’t be replaced by any kind of new technology or digital solutions. Most importantly, the work we do creates an immediate and personal response from our clients. There is nothing more gratifying than receiving positive feedback, testimonials, and appreciation for making something that a person may love look renewed again. So, if you’re just as much about personal satisfaction, pride, building relationships and a sense of accomplishment in what you do in addition to the income potential then Leather Medic may be right for you.

Being an industry leader in our craft demands that we continually track industry trends and innovations that enable your business to be more competitive and ultimately, more successful. After all, your success will promote our reputation even further.

The Leather Medic Advantage

We’ve been in the leather repair business for over 27 years and currently have technicians operating in 14 states. Many of our franchisees found our established branding and processes to be a huge advantage when getting their business off the ground. Here’s a few things you may consider important in your franchise search. At Leather Medic, we certainly think they’re important:

  • Branding that immediately and easily communicates who and what we are
  • Services cross both the B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) markets
  • Diverse mix of market verticals, types, and size of prospective clients
  • Low overhead – Mobile based, no site based location necessary! This means no expensive, cumbersome and long term site leases
  • Simple flat monthly fee for each mobile unit operated. No % of sales royalties allows you to grow as large as you like without incurring additional fees.
  • Minimal competition – being a craft business the quality and depth and breadth of our services can’t be replicated easily. This combined with our exclusively formulated environmentally dyes and chemicals make it a business not easily replicated.
  • Scalable business – operate from a single mobile unit or build an enterprise model with several units
  • Very little equipment – most of our equipment are small non-complex tools that can last many years. No high tech devices requiring expensive repairs or service outages
  • Excellent Margins – our only significant cost of goods are typically materials and labor
  • Easy to learn – if you have an eye for color, an ability to create, and a desire for excellence, then Leather Medic may fulfill your needs
  • Flexible – while the majority of our owners typically work daytime hours, as an entrepreneur you choose when and how much you want to work
  • Control your own destiny – Leather Medic affords the opportunity for you to build your business in a number of different ways leveraging your experiences, skills, interests, and desires
  • Strength of the network – ability to build relationships with other franchisees who have blazed the trail before you. Extract insights and leverage best practices to accelerate your business
  • No employees, payroll taxes, insurance, or other benefits necessary – the majority of our owners who operate more than a vehicle themselves utilize a 1099 structure for additional technicians they may add to grow their business
  • Be Operational in Days, Not Months!

The Potential

A Leather Medic® franchise provides the opportunity for you to grow a business at your own pace, from a single mobile unit to as many as your territory can support. Imagine, no limits to how large or how fast you can grow your business. With flat monthly fees (no percentage of revenue), you always know what your expenses are going to be and you don’t have to share your increases in revenue with us. We like to keep it simple and profitable for every franchisee.

The Plan

To help you become a successful franchise, you receive everything you need to get started quickly. We’ll help you design a business structure and lead you through the successful business model that we have developed by experience. You’ll always have free access to both technical and business support for the life of your franchise.

The Package

Leather Medic’s packages include exclusive territory, equipment, supplies, start-up assistance, lead generation strategy and other tools that you will need to get going, including an intensive training program. We want you to get your business moving immediately.

The Plan

Our training program is second to none. Complete state of the art techniques and best practices are provided through “hands on” labs and real customer interaction, all under the guidance of the top practitioner in the business. When you leave the training, you’ll be armed with the skills, confidence, and the tools to get started in growing your client base.

Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

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