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Leather Medic “Life” Line

Chade Life, founder of Leather Medic, is part surgeon, part artist and part magician. Although reluctant to say it himself, he is probably the most skilled practitioner in the country.

Chade has devoted more than two decades to refining his craft. Years ago, he recognized that there would be a significant and ongoing demand for expert craftsmen who could master the art of repairing and refinishing fine leathers. When he began, he was surprised to learn that there were only three individuals (now retired) in North American with real expertise. He studied with each of them and worked hard through the years to develop his craft. He has developed proprietary processes and materials that have raised the craft of leather repair to new heights.

The result was “Leather Medic”®, a highly successful business with a national reputation.

Opportunity & Potential

Leather Medic® corporate office and training center is located in Lehigh Acres, Florida, with existing franchises all over the U.S.

Leather Medic® never stopped growing and our expansion includes outstanding territory opportunities. We built a program like no other. Our reputation and proven system is the reason for the continued demand for our services.

Our resources and solid business relationships are available to you on your path to success. We continually track industry trends and innovations that enable your business to be more competitive and ultimately, more successful. After all, your success will promote our reputation even further.

There has been over one Billion dollars of leather furniture sold annually since 1996. That is in addition to the amount of automobiles, leather apparel, and accessories sold each year.

Don’t let anyone dictate your income. We work closely with you to meet your financial goals. A Leather Medic® franchise provides the opportunity for you to grow a business at your own pace, from a single mobile unit to as many as your territory can support. Imagine, no limits to how large or how fast you can grow your business.

With flat monthly fees (no percentage of revenue), you always know what your expenses are going to be and you don’t have to share your increases in revenue with us. We like to keep it simple and profitable for every franchisee.

Plan, Package & Training

We will provide you with the skills, support and the best products available to help you become a successful franchise. We’ll help you design a business structure and lead you through the successful business model that we have developed by experience. You’ll always have free access to both technical and business support for the life of your franchise.

Leather Medic® is a turn key business opportunity and includes your exclusive territory, all the equipment, supplies, and start up marketing tools that you’ll need to get going, including an intensive training program. We want you to get your business moving immediately so we don’t leave anything out!

Our training program is second to none. Complete state of the art techniques and best practices are provided through “hands on” labs and real customer interaction, all under the guidance of the top practitioner in the business. When you leave the training, you’ll be armed with the skills and the tools to get started immediately.

Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

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