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Top 5 Reasons Why Veterans Should Consider a Leather Repair Franchise

Leather restoration has become a lucrative business due to the current public interest in repairing old items instead of buying new. For veterans, leather repair franchises have opened up an opportunity to capitalize on the growing interest in artisanal restoration services by building upon their skills in handiwork so that they can enjoy a more secure financial future. In addition to the excitement that comes with growing a new business, veterans can look forward to enjoying the following five benefits of choosing a franchise for their first business venture.

Low Start Up Cost

Starting any new business involves a financial investment, and the majority of start ups without an established business plan fail within the first year. However, a leather repair franchise comes with not only a proven plan for starting the business, but it also comes with a comprehensive package that includes the training necessary to ensure that every penny of the low start up cost is worth it.

Training Provided to Develop Skills

Ideally, a veteran will already have some experience working with leather; however, Leather Medic offers intensive training that has been developed to ensure that every entrepreneur is ready to provide top-quality services to their new customers that will result in returning business and referrals. Even veterans who are new to leather repair will quickly hone their skills through the hands-on training that is available.

Control Over Business Decisions

Veterans have fought to protect the independence that Americans value, and this same mindset is essential for running a successful business. As a franchise owner, veterans can rely upon benefits such as technical support and the provision of a uniform and supplies; however, they will still retain control over essential business decisions such as how they prefer to invest in marketing and how big they want to grow their company.

Mobility and Flexibility

Veterans have often retired from either the military or other careers and value their ability to plan their day around their other interests and responsibilities. Operating a leather repair franchise can be accomplished from a mobile truck and a home garage. Those who prefer to work away from home can purchase a warehouse space, but typically they will perform repair services in their customer’s business or home. As a business owner they can also plan their own schedules and work with their customers to develop a time plan for finishing repairs. Working at their own pace, provides flexibility that can allow veterans to accomplish all of their goals.

Personal Satisfaction

Those who work in the field of leather repair know that it is possible to blend business with pleasure. When a person works with their hands to create an object of beauty, there is a sense of personal satisfaction that cannot be beat. Add in the ability to build a successful business, and most veterans wonder what took them so long to take the first step.

Today, more veterans prefer to work after retirement. Yet, it can be challenging to find a career that offers the independence and flexibility necessary to get the most out of life. Owning a franchise can offer veterans the backup and support they need to feel comfortable getting started with their own business while providing a solid foundation on which they can continue to expand their business performing leather repair.


Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

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