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Take Control: Work for Yourself

Do You Have an Artistic Flair and Want to Help Clients?

If you  want to work for yourself and enjoy working with customers at an on-site location, then owning a franchise in this line offering services is a good career plan. Leather Medic is an excellent franchise to own as the competition is low. Repairing leather and vinyl is a specialized process that most individuals do not have the patience to do. You need to have an artistic eye for detail and have the ability to perform high-quality craftsmanship fixing on items such as vehicles and furniture. In many cases, you are responsible for restoring something that has historical or financial value to its original condition.

This is a Unique Franchise Opportunity for Anyone Wanting Independence

Leather Medic has over 25 years of industry experience in restoring vinyl and leather items with services such as stitching torn fabric, removing stains or dyeing unsightly spots. Many of the items that a franchise owner will restore are too large and expensive to transport to a repair shop. Instead of requiring clients to bring items to a workshop, our franchise business owners are responsible for traveling to a home or business to make a repair. When you choose an opportunity with Leather Medic, you are an owner of a unique one-of-a-kind business.

Return on Your Investment

Because this is a mobile franchise business, your overhead expenses are low. Also, franchise fees are lower than most. If you are looking to turn a profit in a relatively short period, Leather Medic is an excellent choice. Unlike most franchises that may need months and high start up costs for fitting out the business location, obtaining relevant licences, landscaping, signage, inventory etc., with Leather Medic you’ll be ready to start operating your business within weeks.

Franchise Fees include Specialized Training

A low franchise fee from Leather Medic includes training and supplies along with assistance from professionals who understand how to target customers in your geographic zone. When you select a Leather Medic franchise, the profit you make is up to you as we work with a flat rate fees system and do not collect a percentage. One of the toughest parts of starting a business is creating a written plan that includes a time line, but Leather Medic has that task completed for its franchise owners.

Take Control of Your Life

If you are tired of working for others, then it is time to take control by purchasing a franchise in the leather repair and restoration industry. The hard work you put into this franchise business brings back many rewards, clients understand that you care about doing a great job. Restoring or repairing leather is the perfect job for someone who has an artistic flair and wants to learn the skills necessary to complete each job.

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Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

This document does not constitute an offer of a franchise. An offer can only be made by a Prospectus or Offering Agreement

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