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Leather Medic – A Franchise Design for Success

There are reasons for buying a franchise that can apply to nearly every potential owner. It is a chance to own a business rather than work for one. It is a way of making a better, more financially secure future from the profits of your labor. As an employee, you usually make profits for someone else. Franchise ownership is an opportunity to use personal abilities and initiative to make life better for yourself and your family. As a business owner, you can go as far as talent and drive can take you.

Why Consider Franchise Ownership?

Franchise ownership is a way of going into business with a system of products, services, and support systems. It is a safer and more predictable way of starting a business than picking lines of business based on individual market research. Franchise ownership permits you to merge skills and abilities into a system that has proven successful in similar markets, and with other owners with similar abilities and interests. A successful franchise can stand alone or grow into a network of locations and markets.

Why Choose Leather Medic?

A franchise or any business requires an investment of time and capital. Franchising with an established brand offering unique services provides initial and long-term advantages; it improves chances for success. There are some excellent reasons for investigating and selecting a Leather Medic franchise.

  • First, leather cleaning and repair is a specialized business, and performing this work at the customer’s location makes it stand out among the competition.
  • Second, leather cleaning and restoration requires high quality materials, and expert training to develop a set of skills, knowledge and capabilities.
  • Third, there is an excellent and comprehensive support system. Leather Medic Franchise can put the owner in a geographic area with little or no competition in terms of quality, a range of services, and mobile services.
  • Fourth, the low overhead and fees include the necessary training, supplies, and ongoing technical support.
  • Finally, the franchise business model and business tools will help attract and keep valued clients. Using the strengths of the leather and vinyl cleaning and restoration services, franchise owners can build upon a solid base.

Finding a Valuable Position

The market parameters for Leather Medic are impressive, and they hold potential for long-term, profitable operations. Leather and vinyl furniture and fixtures require care, and service at the customer’s locations is necessary for items that are too bulky or inconvenient to move. On-location service is an advantage for the customer; it is excellent service that is convenient and tailored to the client’s situation. The services will appeal to residential and commercial customers. There are many situations that require leather and vinyl cleaning and restorations including boat owners, hotels, restaurants, and public facilities. Using an established business model also includes vital techniques and procedures for customer relations management. The heart of a service business is successful customer engagement including invoicing and communications.

Becoming a Franchise Owner

The dream of business ownership can be as close as an email or phone call. Evaluating a Leather Medic franchise begins with a simple step; you simply need to send a request for information. This call or contact will start the process of finding out everything one needs to know about franchising the Leather Medic brand. The Leather Medic franchise offers low and fixed fees, training and support, web based management systems, and ongoing support. Get a jump start for future success today. Call or contact us online right away; discover the Leather Medic franchising opportunities.


Come, Be a Part

Leather Medic® is a proven business model, but we still continue to explore new ways of doing business better. We operate a corporate owned franchise to test market new techniques and business practices so we don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

This document does not constitute an offer of a franchise. An offer can only be made by a Prospectus or Offering Agreement

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